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Based on 3D scan of an archeological object (500 - 300 B.C.)

Base diameter: 16 cm

Height: 10 cm

Made from 100% biodegradable PLA filaments.


The Pomeranian Culture is one of the most mysterious cultures that inhabited northern Poland and east Germany during the pre-Christian ages. Only crumbs of their heritage have been discovered in our time, however what is left provides us an intimate glimpse into their lives. The Pomeranians had a very unique and artistic funeral tradition. They buried their deceased in astonishing burial vessels with faces, often decorated with jewelry and individual physiognomy. The unique face urns tell us a fascinating story of our Slavic ancestors who didn't leave any written testimony about their lives and culture.

We would like to establish a new chapter of this ancient story for a contemporary audience. The POPIEL vases are a modern reinterpretation of ancient artistry derived from photogeometric scans of actual archeological objects. Each urn is 3D printed from high grade 100% biodegradable PLA filaments. In accordance with our Slavic ancestors’ tradition of harmony with nature, every POPIEL vase is plastic free.


We are a Krakow-based boutique art studio run by artist Justyna Gorowska, specializing in the reinvention of Slavic archeology into 3D printed home design. We are passionate about technology but madly in love with the environment. We seek to rebuild the most cherished value of our ancestors: harmony with nature. With that in mind, our products are crafted for sustainability using 100% biodegradable resources. The Slavic heritage is a profound and still uncharted culture not only for us - the direct descendants of Slavs - but also for Western culture. Looking from a new perspective for home design, we are connecting modern 3D printing technology with the prehistoric artistry of our ancestors that lived between Odra and Vistula River, near the Baltic Sea.

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